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Long distance calls from Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - Bursa (Best rates - 3.98¢/min)

Phone card for long distance telephone calling online! Lowest rates! Choose your most appropriate rates on calls from Croatia - Osijek TO Turkey - Bursa:   Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - 6.18 ¢/min   Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - Ankara - 3.98 ¢/min   Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - Antalya - 3.98 ¢/min   Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - Bursa - 3.98 ¢/min   Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - CELL - 18.18 ¢/min   Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - Istanbul - 3.98 ¢/min   Croatia - Osijek to Turkey - Izmir - 3.98 ¢/min . Enjoy high quality of connection with the Lowest Rates.

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We presents only the best rates for international phone calls. You want make a call from Croatia - Osijek TO Turkey - Bursa?
Use our AT&T calling card, 3.98 ¢/min rate is right for you!

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 165.00 ¢/min
Rates for Toll Free Access
Rates are approximate!
No Maintenance Fee

Rounding - 1 min

Are you going on holidays, or do you travel on business? Why pay the outrageous rates charged by hotels and pay phones. Check out our calling cards, cheap rates and great service. You will find the phone service or product that is right for you.
You need to make a call from Croatia - Osijek? We represent only the best long distance providers. For pricing information please see our call rates list for country Croatia - Osijek.
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