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Long distance calls from Guyana to Senegal (Best rates - 215.00¢/min)

We offer cheap prepaid phone card services worldwide, and you can use our prepaid calling cards for domestic or international calls. Choose your most appropriate rates on calls from Guyana TO Senegal:   Guyana to Senegal - 215.00 ¢/min   Guyana to Senegal - CELL - 250.00 ¢/min . By using a phone card, you can have up to 70% in saving!

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We presents only the best rates for international phone calls. You want make a call from Guyana TO Senegal?
Use our AT&T calling card, 215.00 ¢/min rate is right for you!

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 215.00 ¢/min
Rates for Toll Free Access
Rates are approximate!
No Maintenance Fee

Rounding - 1 min

We offer the best rates for domestic and international calls. You order online or over the phone the most reliable pre-paid phone cards for making cheap international phone calls and get your PIN immediately.
You need to make a call from Guyana? We have variety of cheap calling cards for your needs. For pricing information please see our calling rates list for country Guyana. If you need to make a call from Senegal to Guyana? Our cheap international call rates start from 240.00 ¢/min.
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