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Long distance calls from USA - Continental to Brazil - Sao Paulo (Best rates - 1.17¢/min)

Our system allows you to search for the cheapest international calling cards with the highest quality. Choose your most appropriate rates on calls from USA - Continental TO Brazil - Sao Paulo:   USA - Continental to Brazil - 0.70 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Belo Horizonte - 1.38 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Brasilia - 1.38 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - CELL - 1.90 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Florianopolis - 1.38 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Governado Valeres - 8.06 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Porto Alegre - 1.58 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - 1.17 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Sao Paulo - 1.17 ¢/min   USA - Continental to Brazil - Vitoria - 1.08 ¢/min . Select a phone card that is right for you, and start saving immediately with our products.

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We offer cheap international prepaid phone cards to call Brazil - Sao Paulo from USA - Continental.

Phone cards have become quite popular recently as people are realizing that they can save money by using domestic or international phone cards for their long distance calls. Long distance plan rates are often expensive and it is very easy to rack up large phone bills at the end of the month, especially if you call across the country or abroad regularly. Using international calling cards can help keep your spending in check. It's easy with phone cards. You cannot spend more money than what it cost to buy your phone card!
You need to make a call from USA - Continental? We have variety of cheap phone cards for your needs. For pricing information please see our long distance rates list for country USA - Continental. If you need to make a call from Brazil to USA - Continental? We also glad to offer you low international calling rates start from 2.25 ¢/min.
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